BMW Auto Germana Columbia
BMW Auto Germana ColumbiaAutomotive suppliers
BMW is one of the worlds premier automotive producers and our Skype language course are an effective part of the market integration.
Roche Pharmaceuticals Switzerland
Roche Pharmaceuticals Switzerland
Our courses have included seminars and targeted industry training for one of Europes largest pharmaceutical companies.
Look and Find Real Estate
Look and Find Real Estate
We provide in-house as well as personal language training for one of Spains largest Real Estate brokers. We succesfull partnership started in 2013.
AECCSpanish Cancer Association
Courses via Skype and as a group for Spains largest official Cancer Association. The groups included groups ranging from 6-10 medical professionals in Alicante. The Skype courses were 1:1 intensive exam prep classes.
Premier Levante
Premier LevanteReal Estate
One of Alicantes leading real estate developers. Our in house classes have enabled the company to expand and reach a truly international client base.
Airbus Group
Airbus GroupHamburg
Dating back several years, it has been our priveledge to host several intensive workshops for key employees of the Airbus Group based in Hamburg but conducted throughout Germany.